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When you need a relatable voice that conveys confidence, drama and humor, you need Kevin Quinn. From movie trailers and television commercials to TV News promotion, Kevin's range is perfect for the small screen. News Directors, business owners and ad agencies all over the nation rely on Kevin to deliver quality voice work for their projects.


Kevin's adaptable style makes him ideal for your next web project. Kevin's voice can be heard on countless sales videos, product launch videos, apps and podcasts. With thousands of these projects under his belt, Kevin is the perfect voice to add that professional, polished sound to your next web project.


with over 20 years as a radio broadcaster, Kevin is an expert at branding, imaging and advertising. Local and national companies alike love the fact that Kevin has an unparalleled ability to interpret copy and execute for dynamic results. Kevin is an Addy award winning producer and voice talent, As well as an innovative imaging mind.

Kevin Quinn

When you need a fresh, relatable and engaging voice to help your brand stand out, you need Kevin Quinn. His ability to connect to your audience in an authentic manner sets him apart from the amateurs and even professionals in this business. If you want a voice that your target audience will identify with, then contact Kevin right now. He is not your typical "radio voice." Kevin is an actor and marketing pro who will do whatever it takes to make your business a huge success.

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